Introducing the AirWall

Based on the same motor technology, MDI is also developing emergency backup generators without fuel (mono energy) and dual energy production generators.

Backup Generator

The emergency generator is designed to immediately commence providing electricity when there is a supplier power failure. The operation is fully automated and requires only minimal maintenance. It is not necessary to recharge batteries. Due to its cold exhaust, the generator replaces the function of Air conditioning during the production of electricity. Applications: Telecom, hospitals, houses, buildings etc.

When electricity is supplied by the national network, the motoalternator unit drives the motocompressor, which fills up the tanks.

When there is a breakdown, the air stored in the tanks is expanded into the motocompressor, which starts the motoalternator to supply electricity locally. It starts immediately and can then replace UPS systems.

Renewable Energy GenSet – Production Generator

Stored Energy


The MDI production generator uses a dual energy engine to deliver electricity in an autonomous way. The energy used along with the compressed air can come from fuels, gases or solar collectors. This last solution gives a totally zero emission generator.

The energy supply used along with the compressed air can be petroleum fuel oils or gas. When the MDI emergency generator comprises the dual energy engine with an external burner and a generator, the high efficiency of the engine allows low fuel consumption and offers very good results in terms of emissions. In addition, to increase the temperature of the air before its expansion in the engine, the MDI generators can operate with clean energy or renewable energy sources,. Waste treatment gases, vegetable oils or other bio diesel are compatible with the MDI external burner.

The renewable energy by MDI is designed to generate electricity 24h/ 24h without being connected to the national network. During the day the source of renewable energy (solar, hydro, wind, or a combination of all) produces the energy that will be used to provide electricity and compress the air for the MDI generator. During the night (when renewable energy is not available), the MDI generator will provide electricity from the stored compressed air.

Local Production Networks

In keeping with its philosophy of production at the place of consumption, MDI wants to create local mini grids providing power to groups of interconnected houses. Controlled by a central management system, the network provides electricity in every home (from one or more generators as needed). As the local network can be defined as “independent”, this solution is ideal for areas where the connection to the national electricity grid is not easy and requires expensive infrastructure.

Initially the generators will use the same engines as in the AirPod vehicles. The engines can be mounted in series and provide a range of electricity production capability in multiples of 7 kw