AirWall Schematic

AirWall System

AirWall is like a generic name – like battery. An AirWall is some combination of compressor, engine, tanks, & generator and software. Any of these can be varied and tailored to the circumstances independently.

So engines could be larger, tanks can be added or made larger. Not only that, by running engines at different revs the same engine can operate through a power range. Plus by adding a mode 2 external clean burner you can immediately triple the capacity.

The political shift for traditional central utility players. One is basically taking about a shift from centralised to decentralise energy and consumer control. AirWall is a collection of modular components that can be combined and operated in different ways but synergistically.

You can enhance the overall system by focusing on its elements separately e.g. you could just add low cost solar and then modularly match the storage via selected components. Clearly this has significant benefits for a single installation such as a home. 

But when we scale further the benefits skyrocket. E.g. in VPPs we could now really scale. For everyone to have a home battery in a VPP is impractical technically and commercially. Much better to go the solar garden pooled concept and aggregate batteries for sharing. You might put the tanks underground like at a petrol service station. One can quickly envisage similar scale benefits for buildings, businesses, industrial parks, and of course remote off grid regions. Batteries cannot commercially go off grid. No economic scaling. 

We will be able to.